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Land Shark Pools wants you to get the most out of your pool and spa during the warmer months. With owning comes great responsibility and understanding of how to maintain it. Making sure that the water chemistry is being tested for safe swimming and keeping your pool chemically balanced ensures a longer lifespan of the pool interior and its materials.


Land Shark Pools offers a weekly pool and spa maintenance program for residential and commercial pools. Just a few things we do at the time of service are clean your pool, clean your filters to ensure a quality flow rate, vacuum and scrub when needed, remove build up and debris, test your pool pH level and much more.


Land Shark Pools provides spring opening services in April and May then winterize your pool when it is time to get your pool prepped for the colder months.

We can provide the chemicals and equipment needed for both chlorine and salt water systems. We service all areas along the Wasatch front.


Call us today to schedule your pool and spa cleaning!

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