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Build & Design

Land Shark Pools can design and build the pool that you are dreaming about!


We start by asking you detailed questions about what style of pools interests you and what functions are you looking the pool to provide. Every client has a different style and that is what makes designing your pool so fun! The design process allows our client to get creative and look at many options of what their backyard could be transformed into. We create 3D video animations to show our client what their space looks like after a pool, landscaping and furniture has been added.

Constructing your pool

First, we excavate the area for the pool. We determine if the ground needs leveling and how your terrain fits into your pool design. After that we install a network of steel bars, known as rebar. We create a cage-like frame that extends throughout the entire stretch of the future pool, as well as the spa if there is one. With the pool “backbone” in place, your pool is ready for gunite.

We use Gunite to build our pools and spas. Gunite is known for its dependable structural strength. Gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement, and water that’s applied through a high-pressure hose. Our team sprays the concrete blend at high velocity onto the steel across the entire pool, creating the dense pool floor and walls. Gunite is highly adaptable to the pool form; it produces flowing lines, various contours, depths, and shapes—all coming together in a cohesive, visually appealing structure.

Lastly, we cover the pool with an interior finishing coat of plaster. Plaster can come in different tones from blues and greens, to black. Land Shark Pools provides an inclusive white plaster in every estimate, but you can choose to upgrade if you would like with a colored plaster finish. We also provide the option for getting Pebble Tec finishes for your pool. 

designing your pool

First, our design team takes pictures of the property. We review any pre-existing structures, current landscape, and things you are looking to change.

Before your agreement is signed, we create a basic 3D sketch for the client to ensure we are following the pool design and all the measurements for the property are correct.

Next, we have a free design appointment to go over all of the intricate details of the pool itself and landscape. We discuss what color pool tile you would like. We review options for pool finish. We ask about adding any pool features, lighting, specific landscape ideas and more. After our appointment, we create a secondary detailed special 3D presentation for each client.

We always save the best for last!

We present the 3D video design to the client. Our designer goes over what the pool will look like during the day and the evening. The client will be able to have a copy to hold on to as well.

With the final design, you move onto the construction phase.

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